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In Ayurveda, Spring is a season of energy, vitality, and rebirth. The season can affect the Doshas differently. Vata Body Types will embrace spring with a sense of relief as their bodies are less aggravated from the harshness of Winter. Kaphas may find themselves feeling very heavy with possible allergies. As Spring approaches summer, Pitta symptoms start to accumulate. After the winter months, the lymphatic system is often times congested, and as the days warm, the body is ready to burn the fat of winter. There is no better time to cleanse the body than the Spring. Why is Spring so important you might ask?

Did you know that microbes in our air change from one season to the next? AND that the microbes in your gut should be changing from season to season too? Not to mention that the receptors in your brain for mood hormones change seasonally? That is why it makes sense as circadian human beings to sink up with the natural rhythms of nature. Spring gives us the first harvest of the year to feed our body the right microbes it needs.

In this Cleanse, you will learn how to use digestive spices, Ghee, kitchari, teas, and other cool Ayurvedic tricks to enjoy all that Spring has to offer. This Cleanse will teach you what tastes to incorporate into your diet, and you will be given some simple recipe ideas for when you are lost and confused on what to do next or bored of kitchari after eating it for a week. If you go beyond 7 days to two weeks or even three, you may want to change up a bit what you are eating. Some people only choose to cleanse for a week, advanced cleansers might shoot for two or even three to four weeks depending on how the body feels.

We will also incorporate, Integrative Health protocols you can incorporate into your Ayurvedic cleanse to make it work in the modern world! Let's face it, we don't all have the luxury and time to totally check out from our jobs, families and life pressures for two to three weeks to focus on all the ends and outs of a cleanse. So we have taken the guess work out of the process, so you can enjoy the benefits.

Why Ayurveda and Integrative Health? We live in a very toxic world that our Ancestors didn't have to face. There are over 77,000 man-made chemicals in our air, water and food, and this puts an extra added burden on the Liver. Without the proper vitamins and minerals in our system to help our Liver in this process, it can get very congested and overburdened. The result is inflammation in our bodies. So, you have the option to just do the Ayurveda portion of the cleanse, but if you would like to add Integrative Health protocols to your cleanse, you will learn how to do both!

If you are having doubts about the process, then ask yourself a few questions!

  • Do you want optimal weight?
  • Are you seeking to have more energy and vitality?
  • Do you suffer from brain fog and need more clarity?
  • Are you looking for rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit?

I hope you decide to join us on this journey!

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Your Instructor

Paige Pearman
Paige Pearman

Paige is an Ayurveda and Integrative Health Coach, Ayurveda Body Worker, and yoga instructor. Paige received her Ayurvedic training from the California College of Ayurveda. She is also a Yoga Health Coach merging Behavioral Science with Ayurveda. Before her career in the Healing Arts, Paige received her BA from Mills College and her MPA from the University of Louisville.

It was after a physical life trauma changed Paige's health picture that she found her yoga practice began to help her heal her life. In 2015, Paige completed her Level 1 Core Power Yoga Training in Boulder, CO. Shortly thereafter, Paige completed her RYT 200 hour with Baptist Yoga affiliate. Through her love of yoga, Paige found Ayurveda, the Sister Science to yoga, the oldest form of holistic medicine. Paige's goal is to help you Love Your Body and Love Your Life!

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